Motorhomes: a cost-saving guide

In what follows below, we’ll be taking a quick look at how you can save money when purchasing and running a motorhome.


If you are considering using your own savings or something like a pension lump sum to purchase your motorhome outright, it might be worth thinking again.

There may be some advantages to that approach but it means that your cash reserves will be diminished and your capital tied up in a vehicle. That means it won’t be available to deal with an emergency if one arose.

So, it might be sensible contemplating financing the purchase.

Motorhomes finance can be considered as coming under one of two general headings:

  • finance that the sales dealership will typically offer you;
  • funds you have secured yourself from other sources.

You may find that typically, motorhomes finance you secure yourself might be more cost-effective than that offered by dealerships. More importantly, if you already have a finance offer in your pocket, your negotiating position with the dealership for discounts on the purchase price will be strengthened considerably.

So, you may save money in two different respects!

Look at nearly new as opposed to new motorhomes

Motorhomes typically do not depreciate as fast as an average motor car.

What that means is that a nearly new motorhome may not offer quite the same percentage cost savings against a new model, as might be the case with a nearly new versus new car. Even so, if you are looking at a motorhome that’s say 6-12 months old, it might be to all intents and purposes in new condition but still be significantly lower cost than a brand new model.

In passing, remember to check that your motorhomes finance will support the purchase of nearly new vehicles.

Purchase a vehicle commensurate with your needs

There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself through a little luxury but it might be worth questioning whether the extra cost associated with that super-sized motorhome is warranted by your family circumstances.

If there are only two of you, paying extra for vast amounts of space and multiple extra berths might not be cost-effective.

Get to some motorhome shows

This may sound a strange one but a surprising number of buyers simply purchase a motorhome based upon some relatively casual reading. In fact, this is a major purchasing decision that should not be taken lightly or in an absence of significant research.

At the motorhome shows around the UK, you’ll not only see lots of different vehicles and accessories but also pick up some great money saving tips and indeed potentially some great discounts.

Store your motorhome over winter time in professional storage

If your motorhome is locked up for the winter on your driveway, it may be more vulnerable to the elements and potential criminals than if it were securely stored in a special facility.

There are many of these around the UK. They relate to cost savings because if you use them, you may see a substantial reduction on your insurance premium as well as have increased peace of mind.

Select the time of year of your purchase carefully

There are two dimensions to this tip:

  • at calendar quarter ends, dealerships are often under intense pressure to make targets and sell vehicles. Go with your funds in your pocket at those times in the year and you may see a greater willingness to give you a deal;
  • watch out for mid to late springtime purchases. This can be a very busy time of year for dealers, as people are buying vehicles ready for the start of the new season. For much of this period, they may be a little less willing to go that extra mile and cut some of those pounds off their asking price!

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