Motorhome buying tips

Motorhome buying tips

Are you thinking seriously about purchasing a new motorhome?

If you are, you may find some of the following motorhome buying tips to be extremely useful.

As a general rule, it is always a good idea to:

  • be absolutely clear as to your own requirements. It is not unknown for people to get swept up in the moment and then purchase a motorhome that they subsequently realise is far too small for their typical use. The reverse can also be true if you find yourself with a motorhome that is simply far too big. So, analyse and plan before starting to look;
  • do your research. We are all vulnerable to getting swayed by a vehicle that looks appealing or which has a tastefully appointed interior. Those things are incredibly important but keep in mind that there is a lot about a motorhome that isn’t visible on the surface. Be sure before you start looking, that you have read the appropriate guides and reviews on the internet covering the various models you’re considering;
  • purchase from a dealership with a substantial presence and track record in the marketplace. Someone who sells the occasional motorhome alongside agricultural equipment and second-hand cars, might not have the in-depth knowledge required to provide you with balanced advice and guidance;
  • be certain that you take someone with you who has expert knowledge of the model (if you are purchasing from a private individual). Also, in such circumstances, make sure that you understand how to check the legitimacy of the sale including validating whether or not the person selling it is actually the legal owner and who they say they are. This is one of the top motorhome buying tips because sadly, sometimes fraud is encountered in this area;
  • ask for deals. It is a fact of life that as motorhomes typically hold their values reasonably well and are always in high demand, your scope for negotiation may be less than is the case when purchasing a typical motor car. Even so, there is no need to assume that the price on the windscreen is necessarily the dealer’s final offer;
  • look for dealerships that are able to offer extensive after-sales service and support. Modern motorhomes are exceptionally reliable vehicles but there can be occasional issues and if so, you’ll want those dealt with – and fast;
  • avoid spending every last penny you have on the purchase price alone. Motorhomes need to be maintained and run. They also need to be used in the sense that you’re getting out and enjoying those open-air You’ll need to keep a little back in your financial reserves after purchase in order for you to be able to really get the best out of your new acquisition;
  • be certain you’re comfortable driving. Almost all motorhomes are easy to drive these days but even so, the very largest can be intimidating to some drivers. Make sure you get a decent test drive of the model you are favouring and that you feel at home behind the wheel;
  • look for dealerships that can offer you an extensive test drive evaluation. Given the cost of a typical new or nearly new motorhome, a quick “around the block to try it out” should be seen as being totally insufficient;
  • closely linked to the above recommendation, also make sure you balance reviewing the level of equipment against the essentials of the vehicle’s performance. It is not unknown for some buyers to spend 2 hours checking out the equipment levels inside and only 10 minutes on the driving and handling characteristics of the motorhome itself!

Above all, remember to have fun. Selecting your new motorhome can be an exciting and enjoyable experience but just keep in mind that it’s also a serious one.

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