Cover4Caravans says caravanners are not “coffin dodgers”

Cover4Caravans says caravanners are not “coffin dodgers”

This week’s episode of TV programme The Apprentice, set at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham, has drawn angry comments from caravanners who were referred to as “old, old, old” and “coffin dodgers”*.

Richard Burgess from caravan insurance specialists says that social media such as Twitter went “into overdrive” as the candidates rolled out misconception after misconception about the average caravanner.

“It was quite infuriating to watch” says Richard. “The candidates were even told that the Retro-style caravan was specifically aimed at the 35-45 age group, but still the misconceptions continued”.

He adds “We recently carried out independent research** which showed that people in the 30-39 age band are the most prolific caravanners, compared to those in the 60+ age bracket (100% vs. 40%).

“It is shocking to see that the apprentices, even after having something explained to them about the industry, still reverted to stereotype. They really don’t listen.  I would have fired all of them!”

The caravan industry is worth over £60bn a year.

*Quotes from The Apprentice candidates Kurt and Alex as they arrived at the exhibition.

**Independent study carried out on behalf of by Usurv, March 2013


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