Caravan Insurance UK

Looking for a policy to cover Caravan Insurance UK rather than the EU? There’s a few different takes on caravan insurance that can be purchased and the good news is that if you just want to insure your caravan for United Kingdom use, your cover has just got cheaper and less niggly as without European cover you can save a few pennies but most will allow you to add-hoc should your needs change and you leave the country.

You can attain Caravan Insurance UK policy documents for both static and touring caravans, the differences being static will mainly be for holiday and caravan parks and will insure more against natural events like flooding, electrical problems and other general public liabilities if renting and with touring caravan insurance you can expect to gain more on the road coverage, accident and collision with both covered for theft.

Dedicated UK caravan insurance can include the following;

  • New for Old Caravan Insurance UK Cover – typically if your caravan was purchased new within five years then a policy will pay out for a new replacement equal to the old, however any older and you could be looking at market value pricing.
  • Dedicated Caravan Insurance UK Claims – a good idea to make sure any claims line is 24 hours, can send someone round immediately or can cover claims turnaround in the shortest period possible, there’s nothing worse than waiting for repayment.
  • Discounts for Caravan Locks, Safety And Security – part and parcel of any insurance policy is that your caravan be secure and safe from the outset, if an insurer requires you to have additional security, try to source one that will pay a percentage of the costs for you to come on board and sign up with them in the first place.

Caravan insurance uk policy documents can be compared online easily and can cover caravan hire, dealers, holidays and the sites themselves.